It’s been a pretty long few months since anything resembling stability and I’m finally back in Vancouver! It’s been terribly quiet on this site since then but things are heating up again!
I finally got to see a great many things across the continent that I’ve wanted to see for my entire life and missed a great deal more. You may or may not have noticed a distinct shift in my instagram from artwork to photography recently to reflect this. Being on the road through Central America and the United States has been brilliant (sure, at times extraordinarily stressful and testing), but for now it’s good to be a lot more organised and ready for the next phase. So!:
A STORM IN A TEACUP‘s fourth chapter is partially pencilled, I’ll probably sideline it until early next year as…
THE TITAN & THE HUMMINGBIRD is a new novel that I wrote over around six weeks while travelling and volunteering in the Guatemalan jungle near the absurdly picturesque Semuc Champey. Now that I’m back to better tech than a phone keyboard I’m digging right into some editing/redrafting. It’s a near-future sci-fi about the symbiogenesis of man and machine into a larger, biological city-wide organism. With a dash of cyberpunk, and a whole lot of ecological philosophising, naturally.
GROWHOUSE is another novel I’ve outlined while travelling Northern California these past few weeks or so, from conversations and experiences surrounding Humboldt county and the particular brand of insanity that lurks in those hills from July to December. It’s almost about an enormous, rambling sharehouse in limbo, but not quite. We’ll see how this one shakes out.
But first up is a new music video for Melbourne shoe-gazers WILD MEADOWS, which I’ll start work on this week. Ought to be nice and glitchy.
I’m also meanwhile working up a teleplay pilot adaptation of one of my most beloved sci-fi novels as a folio piece. Not much to say about that one as it’s not even on spec, but it’s a nice personal project nonetheless. You can probably figure out which one I’m referring to if you read any of my recent reviews. Meanwhile, it’s nice to have a base and I’m off to relax away the weekend and start cracking on cracking “Hollywood North” next week.
I’ll also try to make some effort updating the galleries and such here. And if I get a chance I’ll google “overextension” and “workaholic” so I know what to tell my doctors.
Watch this space.

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