Oz Comic Con & beyond. Excelsior!

So today capped off four days of filming for a friend’s short with a long stretch at the Oz Comic Con on South Wharf in Melbourne, where I was sitting in with Steve for FEC Comics and drumming up some business and drawing a bunch. PLUS, we were right across from the booth where Stan Lee himself was signing things for people on and off throughout the day. So there was the whole proximity-to-greatness thing which was really just icing on the cake of a great day chatting to people about film and comics, sketching away and signing comics for people. Little kid told me “when I grow up I wanna draw just like you!”, which utterly melted me on the spot. Met a lot of really great people over the course of the day (and not even just geeky babes in hot cosplay!) and got a lot of business cards out there. Hell, a lot of you reading this right now are probably here because of them! Thanks for making today the best first Comic Con a little artist could have asked for.
So! Down below I’ve attached pics of the four drawings I did over the course of the day. There’s two from “Great Works” and two from my pet-project “Storm In A Teacup”, which is a while off yet, but definitely in the pipeline.
And lastly, my short film is entering day four of our fundraising efforts. We’re past $800, so we’re almost at the 10% mark with three weeks left! Don’t take that as a sign to lean off the gas though, we need as much contribution as we can to make this ambitious little fella happen. The more we get early on the more people feel encouraged to contribute and it saves me having to turn ruthless in the final week and start hounding you all for spare change :D You can check out the pitch video and read a whole lot of information on the project and the people involved, and even lend us your support to get our budget over the line before the last week of July by clicking HERE!!

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